„You can do anything you want to, if you stick to it long enough.“

Helen Keller

I am happy that you’re interested in my offering and to guide you through your personal way.

I offer you a holistic Yoga Practice which is aligned to your personal force and sensibility including all senses. My focus is to bring balance to your body, mind & soul. This will be achieved in combining the traditional Hatha as well as the dynamic Vinyasa Yoga  and other Styles. Hatha Yoga is characterized by attention to alignment and holding poses longer. In Vinyasa sequences flow of movements and breath is connected. Through the strengthen and attentive body asanas your mind become quiet so that you get deeper to your soul and thus to your true existence.

 I offer open Yoga classes, Personal or Business Yoga as well as different events. Have a look at my offering and let me know if I can assist you or if you need any help to find out the best practice for you.

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 I’m looking forward to our joint practice.



Personal Yoga

Your not able to attend a weekly time of a Yoga class because you’re too busy or you just prefer to practice alone? Then we can flexibly arrange individual dates at your home or in one and needs.

Reiki Energy Treatments

Reiki (Rei = soul / mind Ki / Qi / Chi / Prana = life energy) is also a holistic ancient Japanese healing art and was founded by Usui Mikao.

By gently placing the hands on the body or with a certain distance, this positive universal life energy is transferred and thus releases blockages. The natural energy flow of the body is restored, the self-healing processes are activated and a deep relaxation is now possible.

In your session of about 60-120 minutes you will learn to let go and your body and mind will be filled with new positive life energy and brought into harmony. You usually feel very powerful and easy after this treatment. In some cases, however, an initial aggravation may occur – both physically and mentally. This is a positive reaction to the treatment, because it will resolve blockages.

It is therefore important for me that I have a brief conversation with you before and after the treatment.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or arrange a first date directly and feel the universal life energy in you. Write me a message via my contact form or to my email sina@sensi-yoga.de.

Yoga Classes

I do offer in different Yoga and Health Schools weekly Yoga Classes for each level. Thereby the Yoga Styles vary.

Current Classes you will find here  Dates.

If you’re undecided or you have some questions regarding course structure and programme just let me know and we will find together the best practice for you.

Business Yoga

You want to keep your staff motivated and healthy? Then I offer you a weekly or personal Yoga Class considering also a specific focus regarding to your business needs. You can choose if your employees can participate during working time, e. g. in lunch break, before or afterwards.

Nevertheless it is important today to take care of their employee’s health and fitness, especially in the office environment to create more concentration and performance in balancing body, mind & soul.

Furthermore you can book a Yoga Incentive for your employees. As an experienced Event & Marketing Manager (www.stilvolles-event.de) I can also arrange a complete package for your individual business needs.

Bridal Yoga

Yoga for your Bridal Shower, your Wedding day, Wedding Ceremony or the day-after your Wedding

You want to organize something different or even spiritual for you Bridal Shower? Then I offer you an individual event to celebrate your upcoming Wedding with your beloved girlfriends. The focus is aligned to love and your inner beauty. Yoga means oneness and harmony and this will be celebrated with a Yoga Unit and culinary delights and further rituals. Of course you can book other treatments or courses, such as a Styling & Make-up and/or creative courses, e. g. creating a flower crowne or bracelet.

As an experienced Event & Wedding Planner (www.stilvolles-event.de) I can arrange a complete package for your individual needs. On my Website you will find also further services for Wedding Planning in case you still need professional assistence.

Friends Yoga
You want to celebrate your friendship in a personal atmosphere or you just want to practice Yoga in a small group with your friends? Then I will arrange an individual Yoga Unit for you and your beloved friend(s) to bless your friendship.
Yoga Workshops & Retreats

In my intensive Workshops & Retreats you will experience how Yoga improves the balance between your body, mind & soul. You will also learn important background of Yoga philosophy. Besides asanas and meditation Sensi Yoga integrates also bandha, mudra, pranayama, mantra and dance to reach harmony throug body, mind & soul.

During these sessions you will get of course tea, water and healthy food (also vegan and gluten-free) to fulfil a holistic Yoga Retreat.

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Get inspired by different styles and focus.

Hormone Yoga

As a woman we experience different stages of change in our lives.

Our hormones and organs have different effects. It is important to direct the energies correctly and to know our endocrine system. In specific asana sequences we can bring ourselve back to inner balance.

Based on this background knowledge, a special hormonal yoga “Kandala” has been developed, which allows me to respond flexibly to individual complaints or complete complaints.

You can book a private Hormon Yoga Session or attend a class coming soon in Autumn 2020.


Privacy Policy

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