„It is love alone that leads to right action.“

J. Krishnamurti

I’m happy you’re interested in my Yoga Practice. My name is Sina and I’m daily practicing Yoga since 2013, so so that Yoga became not only a physical balance for me but rather a philosophy of life. Yoga means also to be conscious and to find your own inner force and the way to your heart.

My way to Yoga began in October 2011 after a heavy car accident. I was forced to change my live completly. Now, I know my accident was a warning signal for my former life situation, as I was living in the fast lane instead of being mindful with my inner feelings and needs.

Yoga and Reiki helps me, to pay more attention to my body, my inner feelings and needs and to alleviate my still existing back pains. Yoga taught me, to follow the way of my heart. Thus in October 2015 I started my own business with my Event Agency Stilvolles | Events & Design.

Throughout the accident, the following surgery and health treatments I gained a lot of skills in anatomy and physiotherapy. Furthermore I did several Yoga Workshops in several Yoga and Meditation Styles. In December 2017 I finished also my 200h Teacher Training according to the American Yoga Alliance Certificate (AYA). In September 2019 I completed my first Reiki Level and in December 2019 I completed my certified Hormone Yoga Teacher Training.

I want to share my experiences with you in our joint practice and to inspire you to sharpen your own senses for the beauty in you and in life. The holistic Yoga practice will bring balance to your body, mind & soul.




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