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19 until 24 May 2024
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** Yoga, Reiki, Healing and Coaching on request also online **

Happy, you’re here and interested in Sensi.

I’m Sina and Yoga is not only a physical balance for me but rather a philosophy of life. For me it means trying to be mindfulness in each moment, connecting to my inner feelings, taking care of myself, the nature and all human beings, finding out my personal force to so follow the way of my heart. This I wanna share with you and I will be happy to guide you through your own way.

 With Sensi I offer you a holistic Yoga Practice which is aligned to your personal force and sensibility including all senses. The name “Sensi” (Italian: Senses) does reflect it. My focus is to bring balance to your body, mind & soul.

Reiki (Rei = soul / mind Ki / Qi / Chi / Prana = life energy) is also a holistic ancient Japanese healing art. By gently placing the hands on the body or with a certain distance, this positive universal life energy is transferred and thus releases blockages. The natural energy flow of the body is restored, the self-healing processes are activated and a deep relaxation is now possible.

 Besides asanas and meditation Sensi Yoga integrates also bandha, mudra, pranayama, mantra and dance to reach harmony through body, mind & soul.

 I am looking forward to our joint practice.




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